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Bibado Coverall Weaning Bib Magical Unicorn

The latest baby weaning bib is great for your little ones.  Designed to keep them clean and dry, while saving you time.  


It's unique design allows the mess and spills to be caught in this soft, waterproof material.  

Whether you are going through the motions of baby-led weaning or otherwise, this should be a staple for your baby's journey.  It's easy to put on, and once feeding is finished, you simply peel it off and the mess comes away in it, leaving your baby clean and the mess caught all in one place. A cute design, as well as being practical.


Great in this gorgeous Magical Unicorn pattern.  


All bibs are suitable for 6 - 36 months.

Bibado Coverall Weaning Bib Magical Unicorn

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