Elle TENS plus machine with electrode nodes

Babycare Elle TENS +

SKU: BCR-154

Sometimes the breathing is just not enough.  Welcome the Elle TENS Plus.  This TENS machine is ‘3 units in 1’ plus a contraction timer.  The ultimate maternity TENS machine, prefect for labour and post-natal needs.  If you want help with the labour pains, but are saying no to drugs, then this is the best alternative.

Also great for general pain and toning up the pelvic floor.

    • 4 Large Maternity Electrode Pads
    • 2 Leadwires Plus 1 Spare
    • 2 AA batteries Plus 2 Spare
    • Vaginal Probe
    • Sachet Of Lubricant Gel
    • Neck Cord And Carrying Pouch
    • Pad placement chart
    • FREE - A Women's Guide To Drug Free Pain Relief
    • Instructions