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In a box Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump for breastfeeding mums

Perfect for mothers beginning their breastfeeding journey, our Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump is a powered breast pump to be used by breast feeding mums. Use it as both a single or double pump to express and store breast milk directly into our Hegen storage containers, minimising the transfer of precious milk, making every drop count.


Our pump is the world's first relaxation breast pump designed for comfort and efficiency, allowing mothers to express, store, and feed seamlessly. Featuring a unique kneading massage feature (patent pending) that helps relieve body aches and sore muscles experienced by breastfeeding mothers. The massager creates a gentle cupping and kneading sensation to release tension from breast engorgement and helps to stimulate milk supply.

Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump

SKU: HGN-696