Omnia Suction Bowl & Spoon Set

Omnia Suction Bowl & Spoon Set


A great design for babies on the weaning journey and beyond.  This suction bowl set is a looks great and is fully functional.  The silicone baby feeding bowl and spoon set comes in stylish colours and stays put no matter how strong your little one's tug is.  

  • To get the best suction out of your bowl, clean the surface to prepare for bowl application (this is imperative, the bowl will not have effective suction if the surface is not clean and dry) . 

    Press firmly in the centre of the bowl using either your finger or the tip of the spoon.

    Apply bowl - after pressing down on the bowl including centre and sides, always check suction.

    To release simply lift the tab. 

    Omnia suction bowls adhere best to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as plastic, tile, glass, fibreglass or metal. High chairs or wooden surfaces that are textured, porous or have slight curves will make it difficult to achieve lasting suction power. Unfortunately The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair tray is not great for suction based products, therefore they do not recommend. 

    So please remember to ensure a firm bond, surfaces should be totally free of scratches, dirt and soap film before attaching the bowl.

    Recommended Age 4 Months +