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Pampers Baby-dry Nappies Size 4 pack of 44

Do you know how many nappies your baby can get through in a day? On average 8! Yep that many.


These Pampers nappies size 4, keeps your baby dry throughout the night. Known, trusted, reliable nappies. Provides additional protection against leaks for up to 12 hours. Nappies with 3 absorbing channels, help distribute wetness evenly throughout.


With 44 in a pack, your little one will be covered.


  • Absorbent Micro Pearls
  • Offers Comfort for better sleep
  • Flexible sides provide a comfortable fit for excellent overnight leakage protection
  • Breathability of the nappy keeps air circulating around your baby’s skin through the night

Pampers Baby-dry Nappies Size 4, 9-14kg 44s

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