Pampers Baby-dry Nappies Size 4+, 10-15kg

Pampers Baby-dry Nappies Size 4+, 10-15kg

SKU: PMP-300


  • Keeps your baby dry through the night

2 times stronger leg cuffs*

  • Provide additional protection against leaks and keep your baby dry for up to 12h (*available on S3 to S5+, vs previous baby dry)

3 absorbing channels

  • Help distribute wetness evenly throughout the nappy

Absorbent Micro Pearls™

  • An inner layer with absorbent Micro Pearls™ to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours


  • For better sleep all night

Flexible sides

  • Provide a comfortable fit for great overnight leakage protection

Soft like cotton*

  • For a comfortable night's sleep 

*doesn't contain cotton


  • Keep air circulating around baby’s skin through the night