Front of the bottle of Scrubbingtons First Deodorant

Scrubbingtons First Deodorant – 50ml

SKU: SCB-423

Theres a time before they hit puberty where they need that little bit of help in the self care area. At this young age their skin is till so delicate, and we don't want to be covering them in the overpowering adult deodorants.  Roll in the Scrubbingtons First Deodorant.  Great for sensitive skin, 98% natural with no aluminium or alcohol.

  • Ingredients What it does
    Aqua (Water) It's water of course, even your younger brother knew that!
    Saccharomyces Ferment A product from yeast (also used to bake bread and brew beer - not the ginger variety though) that breaks down ammonia (the pongy part of sweat)
    Polysorbate 20 It is an emulsifier that helps oil and water mix because they usually get along about as well as you do with your sibling(s) on a long car journey.
    Sorbitol It helps keeps everything nice and moist but a bit less than a super soaker.
    Parfum (Fragrance) Our lovely fresh fragrance of fresh cut grass
    Hydroxyethylcellulose A plant derived ingredient used as a preservative
    Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl alcohol is produced by many plants. It is used as an ingredient in perfumery and also as a preservative to prevent nasty bacteria from forming.
    Dehydroacetic Acid Keeps our products fresh and bacteria free
    Linalool Found in over 200 species of plant it has a light floral fragrance
    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder Citronellol It is the extract of the wonderful Aloe Vera plant. With its gentle soothing and moisturising properties and it is a botanical wonder ingredient
    Citric Acid Citric acid is a very weak acid found in most fruits and vegetables. It is used to balance the pH (you can find out more about this in science lessons if you're not too busy blowing stuff up!)
    Eugenol It is part of our wonderful fragrance and is derived from clove oil (cloves are put in everything at Christmas by Grandmas). It also has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.