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We are Little Bup Bup, and have been supplying all goods aimed at new mothers and children in the UK since 2019.


We are here to take the pain and time out of shopping around for the special time and little ones in your life.  We aim to provide everything needed from the maternity stage right through all the different levels in your child’s life.


While pregnant with my son, I remember the painstaking task of going from one store to another, trying to prepare for my new arrival.  From the items for the hospital bag, the endless oils I needed for the 9 months and beyond to keep those stretch marks at bay, and toiletries needed for the little person whose well being was soon to be in my hands.


Oh, the time I could have saved, the stress I would have avoided if someone had just handed me a ready-packed hospital bag, or presented me with a package containing everything for my little one for the first 3 months. Even just having the ability to go to one place to get everything would’ve been a massive bonus. Oh, I wish!!


Voila, Little Bup Bup is born!  One-stop for all your needs.  We are giving you back your time to concentrate on the things that really matter by doing the groundwork for you.  A few clicks and you’re fully stocked.


Feet up and back to my baby cuddles x

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