Pampers Baby-dry Nappy Pants Size 3, 6-11kg 60s

Pampers Baby-dry Nappy Pants Size 3, 6-11kg 60s

SKU: PMP-386-60

Do you know how many nappies your baby can get through in a day? On average 8! Yep that many.


These nappies pants size 3 are baby nappies that offer easy changing with just one pull to get on. The size 4 nappies have a stretchy waistband allows you to get them on with one pull even when dealing with the most active of babies. To remove the pants is even easier. Just tear and the sides and roll up.


  • Keeps your baby dry throughout the night
  • Contains absorbing channels that help distribute the wetness evenly
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls that locks away wetness for 12 hours from your babies skin

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